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Thoughts from the Journey




 Growth doesn't come without change and change to be less painful/traumatic needs trust.


Trust is hard

A baby has to trust to take its first steps.  A toddler when the training wheels are taken off their bicycle. A parent when he hands over the car keys to his "seemingly unprepared" teen.  A parent when they release their young adult to another young adult in marriage.  The list goes on and on...


And Christ watches us as we, his children venture into a world that's tainted and alluring, and lovingly releases us.  How painful it must be to watch his own - make painful choices.  Choices that effect so many others.  Sin begets sin - people of one mind will be drawn together and either goodness will ensue, or more damage will be done.  Rarely can you put something holy among that which is not, and not have it tainted and effected.


There is security in numbers.

There is security in the body of Christ.

There is security in Christ.

Prince of my Heart

What now - oh Prince of my Heart? Have I given you enough room to move freely in me.  Have I cleansed the recesses of the chambers so you would have sufficient room to abide in my places in all of the spaces.


In my mind will you take complete control.  Do my thinking - make my decisions - keep you as my only focus.


In my body - discipline the wayfarer.  Put under the flesh that longs to degrade me.  Connecting emotions and desires - purge me with your passionate fire - burn away anything that isn't you.




Save Me

Release, don't let me be a lamb being led to the slaughter.  Save me from myself - I fear my own weaknesses.


Hold me in your hands and carry me through the safe harbors.  The raging waters toss me to and fro - fear and trepidation burden my mind, open my spirit.  Is the light lying ahead truly you or an imposter waiting to draw me in.  Oh gift of discernment, show yourself this day. Let love be evident, let anything short of that be so apparent my spirit would be revealed and I would hear you admonishing voice, saving me, sparing me - shielding me from the enemies fiery  clutches.


Reach for deliverance

         Wash in clear waters

Understand the little need

          The bigger want

Bend until you nearly break

          Break until you can't be


Lying in a million pieces

          Scattered all across the


Keep me, keep you

          understand that need to

          be renewed





Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh

Oh the stinging arrows that have flown in my direction.  Oh the pain of the misunderstood actions and words - but who am I to complain.  The holy innocent Savior of the world felt far more pain than this and my sinful nature is always far from perfection.  But Jesus, so holy, so pure, is not deserving of such slurs.  How dare I waste time complaining, how dare I waste time recanting or culminating.  I still, even as a victim, still sin.  This test a severe journey, has eliminated many, has encouraged many, has revealed so much blatant sin.  Tragedy or celebration of knowledge.

Flirt, spirit of lust. Lust burning out of control.  Demon wrapped in flesh.  Preoccupied with self absorption.  Beg for forgiveness, run towards repentance.


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